Irvine & Low is comprised of the practices of Richard Irvine and Carrie Low, who practise in association with one another. Richard and Carrie focus their practices on real estate, estate planning, including the preparation of wills and powers of attorney. Richard and Carrie are supported by a team of support staff. Feel free to contact us for advice or assistance at 905-372-5449.


Irvine & Low has roots dating back to the late 1800s. The firm was founded by William Renwick Riddell, following his call to the bar in 1883. W.R. Riddell was later joined by A.J. Armstrong and W.H. Nesbitt. In 1893, W.R. Riddell moved to Toronto and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Ontario in 1906.

A.J. Armstrong continued as a sole practitioner until he was joined by Arthur Roy Willmott in 1921, forming Armstrong and Willmott.

In 1949, James Irvine became a partner in the firm, which was renamed Willmott and Irvine. In 1959, Arthur Roy Willmott was appointed a county court judge. He went on to be named as the first chief judge of Ontario’s county court system in 1963.

Richard Irvine joined his father in 1975 and the firm became known as Irvine & Irvine, Barristers and Solicitors. James Irvine continued to practise law with Richard until the age of 93. In 2017 Carrie Low joined Richard. Today, Richard and Carrie practise in association, which means that they run separate practices but operate out of the same office space.